This pool is currently in maintenance mode.

Hello miners!
Please withdraw your coins and SWAP them to SONOv2
This pool will close soon, Coins that has not been withdrawn until 06-07-2018 (DD-MM-YYYY) are lost! If you want to mine SONOv2, please switch to

posted 10/01/2018 16:23:12 by zPools

Pool informations!

Hello future miner, let me be the first to say "Welcome to zPools SONO Pool"!

AltCommunityCoin (ALTCOM) rebrand to Project SONO (SONO) and so zPools ALTCOM Pool rebrand to zPools SONO Pool

Here are some handy informations about this pool:

Coin: Project SONO
Ticker: SONO
ALGO: Skunkhash

Fee: 0,25%

  • 3300 - "It settle all for you. The pool set the difficulty just right for your rig"

Special Ports:

  • 3311 - Low difficulty
  • 3322 - Normal difficulty
  • 3333 - Higher difficulty
  • 3344 - Nicehash port. Verified by Nicehash's pool tester
  • 3355 - Highest difficulty "Quantum computing port"

Mining doing strong
posted 14/11/2017 09:44:47 by zPools

Great job fellow miner!

Dear miners, we are doing strong in ALTCOM business. As you may noticed, the fee is still at only 0.25%

I decided to let the fee this low for a bit longer, to show my gratitude for all of you, doing a hell of a job here!

This also allows people to get into mining and ALTCOM easier and makes it more profitable.

Thank you for mining here!

Warm up for ALTCOM1440
posted 27/10/2017 08:58:34 by zPools

Drivers, start your engine...

ALTCOM released a updated version of the wallet. Key feature in version is the improved stake mechanism,

It now collects all coins up to 1000 and throw them into the stake. It used to be 100.

This reduce the PoS blocks drastically. Many updated their wallet already and we now have more than x7 blocks, in just 24 hours.

That gives us a good feeling how mining will be with ALTCOM1440 at block 75.000.

Please update your wallet to version -> Its not mandatory but you help the most important person in life. Yourself.

Hello newcomers!
posted 25/10/2017 14:49:01 by zPools

Hello miner, my old friend!

If you are new to this site, or to a pool running MPOS, just scroll down to the green box and get the information needed to get started!

A little more details are on "Help -> Getting started" on the left hand side.

Great to have you here! Lets mine some digital gold!

posted 25/10/2017 14:48:35 by zPools

What says a rapping bit to another? - "YoBit"

Its like a fantasy, except this called reality. Thanks to POSMonkey, who did a hell of a good job, we are now listed on YoBit.

Prices are stable and slowly going up. Time to... hodl them :)

If you want to hodl it too, but just want to risk a look:

ALTCOM 1440 Update!
posted 16/10/2017 11:35:38 by zPools

Never change a running system...

...said no clue pool operator ever

Just a small fast information.

The servers wallets were updated to version We are ready to rock after block 75.000. Get your gear ready, mining will be great again!

Sure you updated your wallet to the latest version already, but you just forget the link where the new wallet was. Here we are:

We are added on a additional exchange!
posted 12/10/2017 10:59:35 by zPools

Good news everyone, the slime pipes are.. damn it!

After writing many Email and testing every feature I can now proudly pronounce:

Coinsmarkets made it's greatest decision and added ALTCOM to their exchange!

The have the new wallet, ready for ALTCOM1440, installed and it runs smoothly. Go and trade some coins!

Servers updated
posted 06/10/2017 11:19:51 by zPools

Other just say, I do!

Hi everyone,

as you may noticed, got 1 - 2 outages in the last month. Thats way to much in my books.

I updated the servers and moved the wallet to a more powerful and secure server. The few outages of the past are now history.

I don't want to bore you with the details, but the new server has around the double capacities!

This results in a way better overall performance. It was great already. But for me, great is not enough.

A little side note:

Please remember following: is not a swiss bank - keep your AutoPayout low and receive your coins frequently.

ALTCOM Whitepaper
posted 04/10/2017 13:24:04 by zPools

What to do with pen and paper?

You are right. You going to create the future of something bigger and better ever existed.
Hamuki brought all ideas and development status together and crafted the ALTCOM Whitepaper.

And I mean crafted. While everyone else just write something, he set up the fundamental writing of a great future.

Thank you for that!

Take a look at it yourself:

We are on the first exchange!
posted 15/09/2017 14:42:39 by zPools

Exchange Time!

Hello fellow crypto miners!

ALTCOM managed to get listed on the first crypto exchange site! Hamuki did a hell of a job and after some testing, ALTCOM is live and trade able!

So we can yell: "Hell yes!, We are on the first exchange!"

Welcome to zPools ALTCOM mining pool!

How to start mining:

  1. Create a account (on the top right)
  2. Create a worker and set a password for it (left menu -> "My Account" -> "My Worker")
  3. Choose your prefered mining software supporting skunk (i.e. ccminer-2.2)
  4. Start mining using "-a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// -u (Weblogin).(Worker) -p  (WorkerPassword)


ccminer-x64 -a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// -u Hamukione.rig1 -p lug2w

Easy Portconfig:

-a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// - Just start mining and let zPools do the diff stuff

Advanced Portconfig (all Ports are variable diff with a different range):

-a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// - Low difficulty:  Good for some weaker GPU
-a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// - Main difficulty: GTX970 participate on every block
-a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// - High difficulty: High end  graphics cards
-a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// - NiceHash Port: If you are using NiceHash or you have insane hashrate

-a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// - Quantum Computer Port - everthing else can't handle the diff

Pool fee is 1%