ALTCOM 1440 Update!
posted 16/10/2017 11:35:38 by zPools

Hi everyone!

I just updated the servers wallet to version We are ready to rock after block 75.000. Get your gear ready, mining will be great again!

You find your updated wallet here:

We are added on a additional exchange!
posted 12/10/2017 10:59:35 by zPools

Great news everyone!

Coinsmarkets made a great decision and added ALTCOM to their exchange!

Hell YEAH!

Servers updated
posted 06/10/2017 11:19:51 by zPools

Hi everyone,

I updated the servers and moved the wallet to more powerful server. The few outages of the past should now be gone.
It also increased the security of the wallet.

But like I always mention: is not a swiss bank - keep your AutoPayout low and receive your coins frequently.

ALTCOM Whitepaper
posted 04/10/2017 13:24:04 by zPools

Hello fellow miners!

ALTCOM released its Whitepaper!

Take a look at it:

We are on the first exchange!
posted 15/09/2017 14:42:39 by zPools

Hell yes!

We are on the first exchange!

Welcome to zPools ALTCOM mining pool!

How to start mining:

  1. Create a account (on the top right)
  2. Create a worker and set a password for it (left menu -> "My Account" -> "My Worker")
  3. Choose your prefered mining software supporting skunk (i.e. ccminer-2.2)
  4. Start mining using "-a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// -u (Weblogin).(Worker) -p  (WorkerPassword)


ccminer-x64 -a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// -u Hamukione.rig1 -p lug2w

Easy Portconfig:

-a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// - Just start mining and let zPools do the diff stuff

Advanced Portconfig (all Ports are variable diff with a different range):

-a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// - Low difficulty:  Good for some weaker GPU
-a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// - Main difficulty: GTX970 participate on every block
-a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// - High difficulty: High end  graphics cards
-a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// - NiceHash Port: If you are using NiceHash or you have insane hashrate

-a skunk -o stratum+tcp:// - Quantum Computer Port - everthing else can't handle the diff

Pool fee is 1%