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  • Pool informations!
    posted 06/18/2018 15:44:37 by zPools

    Pool informations!

    Hello future miner, let me be the first to say "Welcome to zPools SONO Pool"!

    Project SONO (SONO) decided to not mess around with FPGA and ASIC miner. So they invented their own algorithm, to keep them out. This algorithm is called "SonoA".

    You can download the CPU miner here: https://github.com/zPools/sonoa/releases

    Here are some handy informations about this pool:

    Coin: Project SONO
    Ticker: SONO
    ALGO: SonoA

    Fee: 1.0 %

    • 3320 - "It settle all for you. The pool set the difficulty just right for your rig"

    Special Ports:

    • 3330 - High difficulty
    • 3340 - Highest difficulty (in preparation for GPUs)